If we want to stop using plastic, our wallets are the perfect place to start. Every year, billions of plastic cards are produced worldwide, most of them not recycled but rather burned or dumped into landfills or the nature. The TIMBERCARD® offers an easy and attractive way to help tackle this problem.

The TIMBERCARD is the world’s first plastic-free wood payment card that can be used like any conventional banking card. The card body is fully biodegradable, except for the chip, antenna and magnetic stripe. When exposed to the soil, it decomposes much quicker than conventional plastic cards.

COPECTO was born out of a strategic cooperation between DG Nexolution eG and Swiss Wood Solutions AG, aimed at developing and offering products and services that are both innovative and sustainable.

The company’s first product is the world's first plastic-free wooden card for the payment and non-payment sector – the TIMBERCARD®. Providing a sustainable alternative to conventional card materials, the TIMBERCARD® has already  reached  market  maturity  and  is  currently  proving  itself  in  the  first  payment  card  pilot  projects.

COPECTO is responsible for global sales and marketing as well as coordinating the production and personalization  of  the  innovative  wooden  cards.

It is a 100% subsidiary of DG Nexolution eG.


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